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What is the Hubie Magic Hitter Training System About?

The Hubie Magic Hitter Training System is a combination of the late Ted Williams’ swing mechanics and the bio-mechanics used by elite martial artists.  This system is designed for pure power. It teaches hitters how to hit for maximum power while raising their batting average significantly (you will not find another system that  has proven to do this like Hubie Magic has). With our hitting system, you can be 10 years old or 80 years old, you can be male or female, you can be tiny or large and still hit extra base hits with ease. It is “hitting smarter” at its finest.

A hitter can show improvement with almost any system out there, but is the hitter truly reaching their maximum potential? That is the main difference between a good hitting system and a great one. Even the smallest differences between systems can make a huge difference in proven results. So what makes Hubie Magic different?

Training Manual

Baseball Hitter Training Manual $29.99

Ted Williams recognized Mike Huber as one of Baseball’s top hitter training specialists and consultants. Mike’s specialized training techniques help teams, at all levels, to hit at their greatest potential!


Hi, my name is Coach Hubie. After being chosen to be the hitting coach for Ted Williams’ son in 2003. I dedicated my life to helping baseball teams, organizations, and individuals learn my explosive hitting system. Together, we will revolutionize hitting across the country. 

My hitting system is designed to get hitters, of all ages and levels, to hit 50 points over their normal batting average and slugging percentage, simultaneously.

The Hubie Magic Hitting System is simple and can be taught very quickly. Currently, I am certifying coaches across the nation to teach the Hubie Magic hitting system. The Hubie Magic Hitting System was the last known system to be recognized by Ted Williams before his death.

On this site, I provide free articles and videos about my hitting system. My system is time tested with well over 80 different travel, high school, college pro teams and countless individuals. Due to consistant success with all of these, I was chosen to coach John Henry Williams, son of Ted William’s, back in 2003.

I have written books, training manuals, and instructional videos for baseball and girl’s softball that will help you, your team or child athlete to hit for considerably more power and increased batting average.

My ultimate training packages provides all the information you need to accomplish this.

I hope you find value in the information provided on this site.


“Before training with Hubie I hit .270 and no homeruns my junior year at Buffalo Grove High School, Il. My senior year I hit .510 with 9 homers and set a school record for most RBI’s   (59). Our team went down state for the first time in the school’s history and I was named to the all-state team.” – Ryan O Gara

“I just wanted to say “thank you” for unlocking the power in my son’s swing.  Prior to learning HubieMagic my son, Zach, was batting 9th in the order and had a batting average of .250 after the first 17 games of his 2014 season.  His travel team had a long weekend off and that is when I brought him to you to learn the HubieMagic swing. After having learned HubieMagic and over the course of the second half of the season (22 games) Zach batted .333 and was moved to 6th in the batting order.  The baseball just explodes off his bat now and his confidence at the plate has grown exponentially.  At the last tournament of the 2014 season, Zach went 5 for 10 with 7 RBI’s and hit two bombs! We can’t say enough about how much you and HubieMagic have helped Zach improve at the plate.  We can’t wait to keep working on Hubie Magic and Zach looks forward to improving his batting results even more in 2015. Again, “thank you” for all your help.” Ken Jacobs

As a Peak Performance Teacher, Mike Huber has developed the Ultimate Training Program. He has combined his hitting system with his mental toughness course. This Ultimate Training Program Gives hitters the ability to improve their swing and their confidence level at the same time and from the very first training session. With the Hubie Magic Ultimate Training Program, players and teams get the tools they need to get to the next level as quickly as possible. The course is easy to follow with detailed instructions and lots of images so you can see exactly what to do with each step. It is a truly amazing training system and Coach Hubie has all the stats from well over 10 years to prove it. You can’t go wrong with this course if you want to be a better hitter.