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A lighter bat could be your downfall

Bat Weight, Swing Speed and Ball VelocityBat Weight, Swing Speed and Ball Velocity

 in most cases it will not help the hitter hit the ball more solidly, and it definitely won’t help you hit the ball farther. If you study hitting long enough, you will begin to realize that the physical strength of the hitter and/or the swing technique of the hitter is what helps the ball bounce off the bat the best.

Challenge of BBCor Bats

The new BBCor bats really do not allow the hitter to use his hands to start the swing any longer, unless the hitter wants to be strictly a singles hitter. Hitting with a BBCor bat is challenging enough, but hitting with a light BBCor bat makes the challenge that much more difficult.

The lighter bat usually makes the hitter  swing too early as the bat head gets ahead of the hitters swing too soon and leaves the rest of the backside behind in the swing. This is why it is difficult for light bat swingers to control their swings, especially on off speed pitches. Really the lighter bat only enables the hitter to have less control of his swing as the feel of the bat head behind the body gets lost and the bat head leaks out in front of the body too soon. Only the batter who is trained to start the swing with the hands can have somewhat of an assemblance of control, but they are usually not power hitters.

Swing Timing is the Key

In hitting, most would be surprised as to find out what hitting really is all about. Most would tell you it is quickness that is the key, but really it is timing that is the key. I know hitters who are not fast pitch athletes that hit just as well as the best fast pitch players on their team. Good bat speed is not cracked up to all the hoopla everyone gives it as far as being a key component in hitting. Whether you are a fast pitch or slow pitch hitter it does not matter. If your timing is good and you have great hitting technique where you can consistently use your body as a weapon in your swing, then you can use a heavier than usual bat.

Using a heavier bat enables the hitter to feel the bat head behind him and then whip the hip s into the ball right at the right time. You have to have a feel for your swing and your bat has to be just heavy enough in order to do this.